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Basic Steps to Start Your Online Business

Welcome Internet Marketers and Affiliates,

We are here to help Small Business Owners who are new to Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Blogging. It is very important to remember that you are a Business Owner from the day you invest your 1st $ into your online marketing business. As we discover valuable information, software and traffic sources, we will share it here to help you become better Internet Marketers, Affiliates and Bloggers.

I was asked how to get started promoting Affiliate products online by one of my subscribers, and I have decided to share my email response with you because I think it is filled with lots of valuable information for anyone who has been trying to start an online business with very little or no results…


I wanted to review the many options I have used to learn about internet marketing and save you some valuable time. Running an online business requires a combination of many parts, and I have found that many webinars offer fabulous software which is only a part of the puzzle and not enough to get the job done. The best way to get started is to find someone else’s system that works and duplicate it. Do you know who you want to market to and why? Knowing who your audience is, and what their needs are, will drive the how, when and where you market your products and/or services. This is true for both online and traditional businesses.

I am going to give you links to a few websites that if you use them together, you will get off to a fast start. If you have been trying to promote anything online, you should have a few of them in place already. You can experiment after you have started to make money and have learned more.

1.  Setting up your Website:

In order to have your own website, you need a Domain Name and Hosting Company. I use Namecheap for my domain names because it is one of the cheapest many have seen, and I have more control in the back-office to manage my domains. I can register, redirect, forward and transfer domains without contacting customer service. I love that! – Click here to register your domain name with Namecheap.


Namecheap also offers reasonable hosting which I plan to use in the future since their hosting department is separate from their Domain name Registrar. Some people do not like to have both services at the same company, but I think it is not difficult to separate the two at Namecheap.

I have tried Hostgator and Brainhost for hosting. I settled on Hostgator because they offer a great starter “Baby” package and Online Chat to get our questions answered quickly. I do not like waiting for an email response the next day if I can avoid it.

Click here to get hosting with Hostgator – includes free website templates

Note: Some blogging platforms will offer you a free blog with hosting, but I find I have more control with my WordPress blogs. I have more flexibility with Google tracking, Adsense, Themes and Widgets, which we will go into in more detail. You can also post your Affiliate links   (like Clickbank offers) on your WordPress blogs.  We can talk about that more later.


2. Finding Affiliate Products and Services:

You asked about Clickbank and getting started in Internet Marketing. Clickbank has been around for a long time and many Internet Marketers have used Clickbank affiliate products to get started in Affiliate Marketing, but there are many more options available now.

Check out the $100 a Day Proven System. This is the best and cheapest crash course I have seen on Internet Marketing for $ 25 – Click here to get valuable training videos. Enter your email to get the free gift and purchase the 60 videos for $ 25. One of the videos is about Clickbank, but you need a more than that to get started.

You also have an opportunity to make money promoting The $ 100 a Day Proven System. If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need:

1. An Aweber account to build your list: Click here to sign up for Aweber

2. A Paypal account to get paid: Click here to sign up for a Free Paypal account

3. A Payspree Affiliate ID to get paid: Click here to get a Free Payspree ID. No need to upgrade right away. Payspree offers 100% commission Affiliate products, but you will need a Clickbank ID to join their Affiliate program.


*** For the more advanced Internet Marketer:

If you have been trying to do it on your own for a few years like many of us have, buying product after product, with low payouts. You may be looking for a “High Income opportunity”.  There is an awesome opportunity, complete with personal coaches and a sales team that you will absolutely appreciate after doing it solo for so long. Check out this video for complete details and send me a message with your feedback —> Get access to the FREE video Here!

The goal of this High Income Opportunity company is to become the # 1 Source for Small Business Owners, both online and offline, to come to for their Educational and Training needs. Download this FREE eBook:The 10 Questions You Absolutely must Ask before choosing a Home-based Business” and learn more. Click here: You can become an Affiliate for $ 19.95 per month!

Remember: There are Five Areas you need to look at when evaluating a Company.

  1. The Company – Is it Credible with a track record of Success? Will it be here today/gone tomorrow?
  2. The Need – Is there a Void in the marketplace that the product will fill?
  3. The Product – Is the Product going to satisfy that Need in the marketplace? Competition?
  4. The Compensation – Do you get adequate compensation for sharing the product?
  5. Timing – In Real Estate location is everything, but in Business Timing is Everything

Recommendation for Residents of the US and Canada Only: Here is a Business Opportunity I promote because this company has satisfied all of the Five Requirements and qualify as a Successful Company and Opportunity. The company has a system in place where you can plug into the network, be trained, supported and grow your business locally and nationwide regardless of the State or Province you live in. Click here to learn more! You can Level the Legal Playing Field and have Access to an Attorney and Identity Theft Protection and Restoration for less than US $ 40 per month!


3. Advertising Tips:

After you have found the right product or service for your potential buyers, you will need to advertise. Many businesses try to get on the 1st page of Google and YouTube because the probability of being found by billions of shoppers in an organic Google search is 10 times greater than being on page 2 or lower. Most of us know about SEO, Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Email marketing and more. However, the new way of advertising and generating leads for your offer is through Traffic Exchanges: Click Here to learn how my Traffic Exchange of Choice works. Please send me a message if you have any questions or need help getting started.

How would you like other people to promote your Affiliate Offers FOR you? Another way Affiliates are growing their income quickly is through a Multi-Stream System: Click Here to Learn More! If it makes sense to you, Get Started!


4. Building your Email Marketing List:

For Email Marketing, to create a list and follow up with your subscribers, you will need an Auto-Responder account. Internet Marketers and Affiliates use Follow-up emails as a way to keep their offer in front of the prospect because the prospect may not be ready to buy the first time they see the offer. You write the emails and decide how soon and how often your follow up emails are sent out. If you need help with writing emails, please send me a message.

There are two major Autoresponder companies:

1st. Aweber, which I personally use and have not had any problems with: Click here to sign up for Aweber

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

2nd. GetResponse, which many internet marketers use, but I have not personally tried: Click here for GetResponse


5. Networks and Partnerships:

Last but not least, you will need a supportive community of people who share the same goals as you do. When you have decided what niche / market you have chosen and is ready to find the Community that is right for you, please contact me so that we can have a follow-up conversation about your progress and the next steps you should take.  For anyone who is totally new to Online Marketing and needs help in all areas, including finding a niche that you are passionate about, click HERE for your FREE trial to the Best Online Community for Affiliates that I have found – Wealthy Affiliate!

I know I have given you a lot to review and consider. Some of the services are free, and some are paid services that I do get credit for if you sign up for them. It took me a few years to realize I needed a Sales Funnel to be successful, and now I have passed that secret onto you. Take a moment and Click Here to Opt-in to one of my Sales Funnels and watch a Free video of Paul explaining how the Sales Funnel works and how he can help you make money using the Sales Funnel he created. Stay tuned for more information about Sales Funnels and their importance in creating affiliate commissions. Please contact me if you have any questions, and I look forward to working with you.

As always, the money you make is dependent on the time and work you invest in your business. The results will be different for each person. Stay focused, be consistent, and ask for help when you need it.

Much success to you!

Catherine Sandiford

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